Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Dristee" - the vision of Borgang

It gives me immense pleasure to bring the first blog of its own kind -"Dristee".Dristee is not only a platform to bring out our notions,feelings and visions about what we account now a days, but it is a full e-bonaza where several topics will be discussed and published .

I have found a lots of people from Borgang,Behali and our Surrounding places who are away from us,and stay distant.Some of them are students others do jobs.I strongly feel that there is a need of such a platform where we all could express our views and be in touch with all.We could write it down and get it published in this blog-"Dristee".

I have also noticed that there are lot of intellectuals in our society who are ideal visionaries but somewhere lack in promotiong it.This blog will not only open a new dimemsion in their vision but also be globally focosed. Our friends,brothers and sisters who are in the another corner of  India or the World will definitely feel a homely touch by the blog -"Dristee".

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Borgang -An Introduction


The beautiful village of Borgang in the district of Sonitpur in Assam enchants and enthralls the visitors with its bewitching scenic beauty. The colorful and attractive village reflects the rich cultural traditions of Assam. One can experience the rich folklores and folk culture of rural Assam in the picturesque landscape of Borgang. Road connectivity through NH-15 as well as Railways are means of communication to the place.  

One of the most prominent village of Assam, Borgang is equipped with schools, religious organizations, hospitals that has made a difference to the lives of the poor villagers. Far from the maddening crowd of city life, the exotic village of Borgang relieves one from the stress and strains of daily mundane life.

The village of Borgang has several educational institutions that imparts quality education to the people of the area. The government schools of the area provide free education to the poor students of the area.The reputed Educational Institution such as "Gyanam Academy Junior College" and "Gyanam Academy Adarsha Vidyapith" is located at the heart of Borgang. 

The luxuriant tea gardens and the exotic landscape of Borgang attracts the tourists who are overwhelmed at the hospitality and simplicity of the people of the area. 

The half broken bridge at the river Borgang is center of attraction and a place of leisure for the entire region.