Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Dristee" - the vision of Borgang

It gives me immense pleasure to bring the first blog of its own kind -"Dristee".Dristee is not only a platform to bring out our notions,feelings and visions about what we account now a days, but it is a full e-bonaza where several topics will be discussed and published .

I have found a lots of people from Borgang,Behali and our Surrounding places who are away from us,and stay distant.Some of them are students others do jobs.I strongly feel that there is a need of such a platform where we all could express our views and be in touch with all.We could write it down and get it published in this blog-"Dristee".

I have also noticed that there are lot of intellectuals in our society who are ideal visionaries but somewhere lack in promotiong it.This blog will not only open a new dimemsion in their vision but also be globally focosed. Our friends,brothers and sisters who are in the another corner of  India or the World will definitely feel a homely touch by the blog -"Dristee".

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